Mon, 6 April 2015

With a fresh Season, a fresh signing and the wind firmly behind us, we caught up with the latest member of the Run Tingz Familia, Juan Antonio González Gómez, otherwise known as Kursiva, to find out where it all started.

What's your musical background?

My first musical interests were Rap-Metal & Hip Hop, I tried out a few instruments like the Drums and Guitar, eventually finding the turn-tables where I discovered the scratch game. It was really addictive, I started a Hip Hop band with my friends in 2007, I used to play beats and scratch for them, a while later I discovered electronic music in the form of Break Beat, and soon after Drum & Bass; I fell in love with it and started playing sets at raves and small clubs. I started my own production in 2010, I had loads of ideas in my head, a good friend showed me how to use Reason and how to write on a DAW, I love production because it lets you express yourself without words, straight from the brain to the subwoofer!

What are your influences as a DJ and a Producer?

Well, in terms of production, Noisia gives me the power, Sub Focus gives me the melodies and Mooncat really pushed me towards Ragga Jungle and Dubwise. Andy C and Crissy Criss are big DJ influences and I have a similar style on the decks; quick mixes, double drops and crowd damage!

Tell us more about the Jungle scene in Spain?

The Jungle scene in Spain is growing, fast. There's a lot home grown producers delivering big tunes, which are getting support from DJ's and fans across the world. I'm honored to be a part of this movement; I never imagined my music would be heard by anyone except my friends and my neighbors.

What's your most memorable experience as a DJ?

It was a festival in Firenze, Italy. I couldn't see much traffic or people going in and we assumed it was going to flop; we went to have a drink and came back to more than 4000 people in front of the stage! It was my first experience playing out of Spain and I'd never played for that amount of heads, I smashed a big Drum & Bass set and everybody loved it, everyone was shaking my hand when I finished which made me feel slightly embarrassed but blessed at the same time. So blessed in fact that I left my Serato plugged into the mixer, I only realized when we were boarding the plane back home, it was an expensive lesson but a big experience all the same!

So… High Vibes, what's the vibe?

I started working on this tune at the beginning of 2014 when I received the vocals from Jahba & Clasiko. I wrote the bass track in two days and then tried more than six different versions looking for the right sound. It took me about a year to tweak and finish it in amongst other tracks I'm working on, I would have carried on forever but Ed told me to draw a line, pat myself on the back and focus on my next project.

For the non-Spanish speaking amongst us, what's the message behind the vocals?

We have to move beyond our day-to-day lives to reach a higher place. It doesn't matter how rich you are, or how many possessions you have, the only thing in control of your freedom is you. A spiritual side to life that many people miss exists, I feel this is an important factor to our wellbeing and our inner health.

After such a strong debut release on Run Tingz, what's next music wise?

There's a remix of "No Diggity" from the Italian reggae band "Earth Beat Movement" with my mentor Mooncat; a remix of Benny Page´s "Top Rank Skank" in collaboration with Karlixx, due to be released soon on High Culture; a remix for Subtifuge with Gigante on the vocals; the Jungle & Dubwize EP coming on Dubwise Station alongside the French producer Badweed and my 2nd vinyl release on Druid Recordings at the end of the year. I´m also working on a Neurofunk project along side a producer called Voltage Voodoo and I think it´s time to start releasing a few tunes.

And what does the future holds for Kursiva?

Well nobody truly knows but I hope my music will be further supported out of Spain and I hope to get the chance to travel, connect with other Junglists and perform my music in other countries.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

I would replace every cable in the world with wireless technology; I hate wires on my setups!

What's your favorite food?

I like to eat everything except tuna and peas. I think meat is my favorite kind of food, I love barbecues. I don't want to be a fat lazy guy in the future, sitting on a sofa and checking SoundCloud! I´m thinking of joining a gym so I can tweak my belly as well as my mix downs, its growing fast as the year goes on!

Any final words?

Big shouts to all the Junglists for appreciating my music and helping me to grow as an artist. Big shouts to Run Tingz as well for giving me the chance to join their family. This is just the beginning; I will work hard in studio to deliver more tunes for you guys. BIG TINGZ A GWAN!

You can listen to audio previews of High Vibes and Kother material on our OFFICIAL SOUNDCLOUD page.


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