Run Tingz Recordings is a tip-top collaboration of producers, vocal artists, musicians, engineers, creative designers, developers and various other crew who contribute to making it the success story it is. Working in collaboration with the on point BOOM AGENCY, URBAN AGENCY and our own internal team, all of our artists are available for live DJ and vocal performances, remixes, dub plates, weddings and bar mitzvahs so please use the booking form to the right of this page or email our BOOKINGS TEAM directly.


Two (or Cru), is better than one, a fact not lost on the Southwest's leading ambassadors of the thriving UK Jungle movement. Renowned across the globe, the Run Tingz Cru have every corner of the scene in the palms of their hands… A killer production outfit, two consistently solid record labels, a clothing line and a globally recognised brand of events.

Get to know: Ed and Parker are the Reggae-roused rave veterans behind the Run Tingz operation. Two dedicated Bristolian Junglists entrenched in industry experience; they were inspired to contribute to the scene that's given them so much as DJs over the years.

Establishing their label in 2010, the Cru has turned heads since day one. Their manifesto: to create original Jungle / Drum & Bass compositions featuring some of the very best Reggae and Jungle vocalists old and new. Since their explosive ignition they've recruited and worked with the very best in the game. Topcat to Tenor Fly, David Boomah to Blackout JA, Solo Banton to YT, Lady MC to Lady Fyah: they deal explicitly in unique, original and contemporary Jungle recordings. No bootlegs, no bull… Run Tingz have meant business from inception.

Each of these impeccable studio creations are released through their two in-house labels: Run Tingz Recordings and Run Tingz Digital. Releases such as 'Born Inna Babylon', the Serial Killaz collaboration 'Murder Ya Sound' and 'It's a Junglist Ting' have driven the Run Tingz Cru to the top of the D&B charts, winning them rave reviews in the music press and a live appearance on BBC Introducing.

More recently Capitol 1212's iconic 'Don Man Sound' earned them support from Radio 1 and Kiss FM, their remixes of Blak Twang and Dreadsquad have become staple Jungle anthems, their Solo Banton and Lady Fyah collaboration 'Took My Breath' was signed to Deekline and Ed Solo's genre-defining Jungle Cakes brand while their visionary twists on YT's 'Revolution Time' became an indisputable unifier on all D&B floors throughout 2013. In fact their repertoire is so strong they achieved a very well-received 'Best Of' collection in 2013. And now, thanks to a freshly signed distribution deal with well-respected ST Holdings, this repertoire is known and loved even further across our Jungle-loving planet.

Not just dedicated to massive tracks and bold-as-brass labels, the Cru guarantee road block events, too. Working closely with The Boom Agency, their incendiary live shows have been experienced at world-renowned festivals including Glastonbury, Shambala, Glade, Electric Picnic, Bestival and Boomtown Fair where they blew the minds of more than 10,000 Junglists on the iconic Arcadia stage. Favourites at St Paul's Carnival, Europe's oldest Caribbean street party, the Cru has also demonstrated their badness as far-afield as Colombia, Asia, France, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Sardinia and a Canadian tour locked in for Spring 2014. Eschewing the average D&B DJ and MC combo, Run Tingz Cru play an international game.

Four years deep and now a household name in modern day Jungle, the Cru are firmly locked into the future. Already a sure-fire favourite in Bristol, London and Brighton, their nocturnal club rampages the Run Tingz Sessions will delve deeper into South America and Asia while the labels promise more vinyl output than ever before. With more top tier collaborations and compositions with the most exciting names in both Jungle and Reggae culture scheduled for 2014, every corner of the scene is in the palms of their hands.



Jungle Cakes 022 - S.C.A.M - Put Up Your Hands (remix)
Run Tingz Digital 006 - Cross Roads ft. Blackout J.A
Ramajam Recordings ??? - Blak Twang - Badda Dan Dat (remix)
Superfly 020 - Dreadsquad ft. Doubla J  - Full Time (remix)
Run Tingz Recordings 009 - Revolution Time ft YT (remixes)
Run Tingz Digital 004 - Rock a Dub ft Deliman (remixes)
Run Tingz Digital 003 - My Sound ft Cowboy Ranger & 2Nice (remixes) 
Run Tingz Digital 002 - Don Man Sound ft. Tenor Fly (remixes) 
Run Tingz Recorsdings 008 - It's a Love Ting ft. Lady Fyah, Solo Banton, Tenor Fly & Lady MC
Run Tingz Recordings 007 - Hustler ft. Serial Killaz, YT & K.Ners 
Run Tingz Recordings 006 - It's a Junglist Ting ft. David Boomah & Blackout J.A
Run Tingz Digital 001 - Bun Babylon ft. Seral Killaz, Tenor Fly & Blackout J.A
Dubnest Records 003 - Tempa ft. Blackout J.A 
Ramajam Records 002 - Higher Remix ft. Dr Meaker, Lorna & Redskin 
Jungle Clone Records 002 - Ganja Man Ting ft. Blackout J.A
Run Tingz Recordings 005 - Murder Ya Sound ft. Serial Killaz, Tenor Fly & Blackout J.A 
Irish Moss 003 - Gift of Dub Remix ft. Dirty Dubsters & Screetch Dan
Run Tingz Recordings 004 - Summer Time EP ft. Topcat, Blackout J.A & Lady MC 
Run Tingz Recordings 003 - Informer ft Blackout J.A & K.Ners
Run Tingz Recordings 002 - Born Inna Babylon ft. YT
Jungle Clone Records 001 - Body Bag ft. Daddy Freddy 
Run Tingz Recordings 001 - Jungle Champion EP ft. Blackout J.A
Run Tingz Bootlegs 001 - Badman EP (bootleg)


Fast becoming one of the most talked about up and coming producers on the UK underground rave circuit, Bristol's dub plate munching badman has been taking the scene by storm with his trademark style of party flexed Ragga-Jungle.

Trained at the same music college as one half of the UK's Run Tingz Cru, his production skills match (and outshine) many of those with more stripes to boast and having just signed to Run Tingz Recordings things are about to explode.

With stream of releases under his belt and many more in the pipeline, J-Man is well on his way to becoming a household name amongst Europe's vast sea of Jungle fanatics. His debut release on Run Tingz (a co-lab project with the label manager) was awarded single of the month by DJ Magazine in February 2012, add to this his arsenal of high profile dub plates and the support not only of his contemporaries, but many of the Jungle scene's top rankin generals, it is clear that this electric DJ / Producer is only headed one way; forwards!




[Run Tingz Originals 001] Run Tingz & Breakah ft. Doubla J - Fully Loaded (J-Man Remix)

[Run Tingz Digital 008]  J-Man & Parly B - Road Block

[Run Tingz Digital 006]  J-Man - Go Down ft. Blackout J.A

[Run Tingz Digital 005]  Run Tingz Cru ft. Blackout J.A - Jungle Champion (J-Man Remix)

[Run Tingz Digital 004]  Dossa ft. Deliman - Rock a Dub (J-Man Remix)

[Jungle Clone Records 003]  Run Tingz Cru ft. Blackout J.A - News Flash (J-Man Remix)

[Run Tingz Recordings 006]  Run Tingz Cru ft. David Boomah & Blackout J.A - It's a Junglist Ting (G Tactix & J-Man Remix)

[Jungle Clone Records 002]  Run Tingz Cru ft. Blackout J.A - Ganja Man Ting (J-Man Remix)


Tough times call for Tuff measures… Not austerity measures. And certainly no cut backs. Just a short sharp blast on any one of Ricky's distinctively tropical creations and all your troubles will disappear. Guaranteed.

Undiluted positive vibes with the skank-factor set to stun. Ricky's emblematic reggae-roasted drum & bass screams nothing but good times. Delivered direct from well-respected labels such as Run Tingz, Jungle Cakes and High Culture his fusions of dub, soul and bass are currently taking the world's dancefloors by storm.

Location is everything: Tenerife born and bred, Ricky's sun-splashed studio is half way between Spain and northern Africa. It gives him a truly unique position, allowing him to soak up raw international influences. A true musical youth, he first picked up a guitar at the age of eight and didn't put it down until he traded it for turntables 10 years later. Inspired by all flavours and styles from heavy metal to traditional dub soundsystem culture via hip-hop, merengue and house music, Ricky cites the likes of Marcus Visionary and 'the don' David Rodigan as major inspirations. With these motivators in mind, it's no wonder he's been steadily developing a stunning selector reputation, having worked his way up from local clubs to illicit beach raves to regular high profile guest spots across Europe.

Armed with a fine-tuned sunny side vibe Ricky's high profile remixes of Benny Page and Topcat, Joey Fever and Dreadsquad have recently attracted the sharp A&R ears of Bristol's premier beat boutique Run Tingz. Knowing talent when they hear it, the contemporary junglist joint have now signed him to the imprint, and Ricky promises things are about to go next level… And he wants you to join him.



[Run Tingz Digital 006]  Ricky Tuff ft. Blackout J.A & Blaze - Close To Me

[Run Tingz Digital 005]  Run Tingz Cru ft. Blackout J.A & Lady MC - I Got Love (Ricky Tuff Remix)


Benedikt Dengler AKA "Dossa" is a young producer from the sleepy Austrian town of St Poelten. Born in 1991, a drummer at the age of six and a producer since the age of 16, Dossa has been brought up on a strict diet of beats and bass from an early age thanks to musical influences in his family.

Inspired by artists such at Ed Rush, Optical and the Southwest's legendary Full Cycle Crew, he soon developed a love for Drun & Bass & Jungle and was instrumental in educating the local population of STP to the sound at a time when it was just starting to break in his country.

With a solid background in music, formal training in theory and a keen ear for a dance floor anthem, it was only a matter of time until Dossa's productions got noticed by the wider community and November 2011 saw him release his debut single on Benny Page's "Dirty Dubs" label through the late Nu Urban Music.

With his head buried deep in both Drum & Bass and Jungle endeavours, his ragga-ravaged output can now be found exclusively on the UK's infamous Run Tingz imprint with his first release 'Rock a Dub' already tearing up dance floors around the world! This boy is definitely one to keep your eyes on!



[Run Tingz Digital 005] - Sweet Sunshine ft. Topcat (Dossa Remix)
[Run Tingz Digital 004] - Rock A Dub ft. Deliman 


The second the needle hits a Serial Killaz record you know itís them. Rabble-rousing ragga vocals, bubbling bouncy bass, cut-throat beats, undiluted positive vibes: to have such a distinctive sound in today's talent-packed game is a rare, rare asset. But with two careers that can be traced back to the earliest stages of rave, what do you expect?

Their back story has been told too many times: do a little research and youíll find the names Tera and Vital Elements scrawled all over the sceneís history books. Now found scrawling Serial Killaz over the very same pages, the duo quickly established themselves as THE jungle and reggae legends remixers of choice since forming in 2005. From Cornell Cambell to Marvellous Cain, Wayne Marshall to Peter Bouncer, Damian Marley to Daddy Freddy, the Serial Killaz back catalogue is steeped in authenticity, joining the dots between classic soundsystem sizzlers, rave culture and the future.

Jungles very own Trojan horse; every kilo of their success can be put down to their well-chiselled sound: At a time when artists seem to be trying every genre under the sun, Tera and Vital Elements have stuck rigidly to their dub pistols amassing respect from all corners of the scene. Zane Lowe regularly supports them on his primetime Radio 1 show while Toddla T has requested bespoke productions for his own live show. They've had the honour of remixing Nas and Damian Marley's Land Of Promiseí and, bizarrely, their version of Toddla and Skreamís Streets So Warm was so well received it was sync'd to cult sports show Soccer AM!

Naturally their trademark skanks and chubby bass spirit bubbles over from their dubs to their DJ sets. With such a heavy international tour schedule, Tera and Vital Elements are often found DJing on separate continents each weekend. From Canada to Croatia, Boomtown to Outlook, the duo are famed for tearing up the dance And seldom leave without a repeat booking.

Whether you find them knee deep in studio science, nurturing new jungle badboys on the block such as the Run Tingz Cru or behind the decks, the second you hear them, youíll know exactly who youíre dealing with.



Mentored by Jungle / Drum and Bass legend 'The Jungle Drummer' (London Elektricity, DJ Grooverider, Shy FX) Tom Derryman (aka; Breakah) is a professional drummer and producer having graduated from the Bristol Institute of Modern Music in 2012 as one of the most successful students in his year.

Throughout his time studying he has developed his own unique approach to playing drums, utilising electronic add on's to an acoustic drum kit, thus allowing him to recreate digitally produced beats, live. Since graduating he has gone on to secure an endorsement from Roland UK, become Drummer Magazine's 'resident technology expert' with his own monthly feature 'The Future Drummer', and most recently become a resident tutor on an all new drum education site due to be launched in the coming months.

Throughout his time playing in different projects he's shared the stage with reggae legends 'Toots and the Maytals' and 'Sly and Robbie' to name but a few, now having signed to the infamous Run Tingz Recordings and working side by side with the label's head honcho, Breakah's career is set to go global as he prepares hit the UK and international music scene with force.


Coming soon..


RTZD009 - Kursiva - High Vibes ft. Jahba & Clasiko

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Described as the "Slim Shady" of the reggae world, Mark "YT" Hull has gone from strength to strength since his debut album was released back in 2006 and "Straight Outta Britain" offered the world a glimpse at the reggae scene in the UK.

His 2nd album "Born Inna Babylon" proved to be an instant hit and a worthy follow-up to his 1st. Produced at various studios in the UK, Jamaica, Germany, Poland and Sweden with guest spots from veteran sound effects man Joe Lickshot, Daddy Freddy, R&B chanteuse Shola Ama and the regular Curtis Lynch Jnr crew, the album is bursting with energy and ideas. Musically, YT and the crew are saturated in the dancehall and sound system culture, the riddims drawing on vintage sounds for their inspiration with new heavyweight licks of classics such as Rumours and Police In Helicopter.

His tunes offer something for everyone, be that reggae, dancehall, roots or pop, and his lyrics are not only sublime but also in keeping with the positive message that reggae portrays. He is a versatile artist who has upset the stereo type of 'If it's not Jamaican, it's not Reggae'.

In 2010 YT ventured into uncharted territory with the Drum & Bass remix of "Dub Plate" on Necessary Mayhem by Benny Page (Digital Sound Boy) and the forth coming remixes of "Born Inna Babylon" on Run Tingz Recordings. Working closely with the up and coming label and The Run Tingz Cru, YT has licensed a remix of his reggae anthem "Hustler" and is currently in the studio working on further projects.


Introducing the latest addition to the Run Tingz camp. Doubla J is by far one of the most talented and exciting vocalists we've come across in recent times so watch this space and check out his SOUNDCLOUD page for a taste of things to come.

Shaddy MC

Like a moth to a flame, Shaddy MC has recently reerd his unrelenting work ethic and is firmly establishing himself amongst one of the up and coming D&B hosts to keep your eye on in 2014.

Having boarded the Jungle Drum & Bass express from an early age, he nurtured his love for one of the English music scene's most diverse and ever developing genres and garnered his first residency in 2008, for Surge Sound System. 2012 saw the initiation of a fruitful relationship with Dope Ammo Recordings and he has gone on to feature on a plethora of releases on the label including 'Effective Styles', 'Raggamuffin Bizzness', 'Kiss My Bass' and 'Junglist Villain', as well as being a key component of the upcoming Dope Ammo Live Showcase. This exposure has led to regular live hosting duties with Bristol based new school UK Jungle pioneers Run Tingz Cru, with whom he has performed up and down the country on a regular basis since 2013.

His excellent aptitude for his work has seen him perform as far a field as Thailand, Paris and Amsterdam, as well grace stages at some of the UK's finest festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival and Boomtown.



TerraHawk are a production duo from Bristol UK. They have been working alongside
some highly respected recording artists such as Blak Twang, Tenor Fly, Parly B, Top
Cat, Tenna Star, J-Man and Jinx. 2014 has seen the guys booked for Glastonbury
Festival, Boomtown Fair as well as a gig in Colombia to name a few highlights.
Founders of the Infidelity Records camp, event brand turned record label, has meant
they've had a healthy platform with which to work from since their inception in 2013. The
duo have also released on Ramajam Recordings, Run Tingz Recordings & Jungle
Clone Records, in the past year alone.

TerraHawk are a production duo from Bristol UK. They have been working alongside some highly respected recording artists such as Blak Twang, Tenor Fly, Parly B, Top Cat, Tenna Star, J-Man and Jinx. 2014 has seen the guys booked for Glastonbury Festival, Boomtown Fair as well as a gig in Colombia to name a few highlights. Founders of the Infidelity Records camp, event brand turned record label, has meant they've had a healthy platform with which to work from since their inception in 2013. The duo have also released on Ramajam Recordings, Run Tingz Recordings & Jungle Clone Records, in the past year alone.




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