Est. 2010 - Run Tingz Recordings is a UK label and artist collective representing a unique flavour of Reggae infused Bass Music.

Run Tingz Recordings is by far the most exciting Jungle label to come out of the UK in recent times...
Tobie Scopes (Serial Killaz / Congo Natty / Nu Urban Music)

Welcome to the UK's tip-top Junglist boutique: Run Tingz cater for every side of the dance… Two imprints (Run Tingz Recordings and Run Tingz Digital), a roster that boasts the most talented creative minds in both Reggae and Drum & Bass Jungle, a global events team and a clothing line.

Celebrating, exploring and developing the beautiful relationship between Jamaican roots and UK bass culture, the Bristol brand - headed by renowned international performers Run Tingz Cru - has established itself as a leading force in impeccable originals and rock solid specials. Working with some of the best vocalists and producers in the world, each Run Tingz release is authentic down to the very last bar… And has been supported by the most influential tastemakers in the game from DJ Hype to BBC Introducing.

Partnered with dance music's most stately distribution kings ST Holdings, Run Tingz influence is felt on a truly global level via their strong international vinyl sales and digital presence. Their reputation for events is equally irrefutable; from dominating legendary UK festivals such as Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair and Bestival to wide-scale tours of Europe, Canada, Asia and South America, few corners of the planet have yet to enjoy the distinctive Run Tingz live experience.

In their fourth year of operation, Run Tingz are set to step up their game once more with even more releases, even more new signings and even more next level events. Now a boutique… Soon to be an all-out megastore... Stay locked to Run Tingz for all your Jungle needs.

*DISCLAIMER: Run Tingz Recordings and Run Tingz Cru are NOT associated with the following entities: Run Tings Entertainment Company (, Run Tings Skate Shop (, Winston "Runtings" Meikle, Run Things Records or Run Things Recording Studio.


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The temperature may well be dropping outside, but things are about to heat up on the dance floor. Run Tingz Recordings proudly presents their debut digital album, Tingz Nah Run We.

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